Santa Luce


Santa Luce is a small village in the district of Pisa. It is located on the hillside and inhabited since Etruscan times. The houses and streets are arranged in a circle keeping the medieval structure of the village.

Interesting from a historical and cultural perspective are the Church of Santa Luce, of Romanesque origin dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Alabaster Eco-museum which exhibits works of art by both ancient alabaster of some contemporary sculptors. Nearby it is located the Provincial Nature Reserve of Lake Santa Luce, a protected area of 278 hectares well established around the artificial lake for preserving local species of migratory birds from extinction. They were counted up to 150 species including Moriglioni, mallards and cormorants. The main activity in Santa Luce is agriculture, which produces oil, wine, honey and high quality grains. Here still survive almost forgotten craft trades such as coal and craftsmen of alabaster.

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